Took three tries to get out on the bike today…

Well….got out on the bike around 8 this morning but it took me three tries to get out for the ride….when I got on the bike for the first time, I notices a rhythmic thump coming up through the handlebars so I stopped to take a look at the front tire and found that it had separated the cords and the tire had an S shape…it was the original front tire on this bike and that makes it 6 years old so I guess it was time for it to fail….so, I came back here and got the wheel from the grey bike since it is identical, and put that on the black bike and took off again….when I got to the bottom of the hill, I noticed that the computer was not registering any speed and then remembered I hadn’t switched the button magnet trigger to the new wheel so I had to come back here and do that…finally, I got out and got the first ride in but the front shifter was not adjusted right and wouldn’t shift down just one sprocket…so I made a tiny alignment adjustment and now it works perfectly so that is cool….and I got the second ride in with no drama…after I got back here I took a look at the missing soffit siding and there are 3 pieces missing…I have two of them so I am going to have to buy 12 feet of siding to get a 17 inch piece but I guess that will just make spares if any other of them blow out…these won’t since I am going to put caulk under the ends to glue them in…was going to use adhesive but that stuff costs about 10 bucks a tube and I can get exterior caulk for about 4 bucks and I can use that for other things…going to have to cut the siding in half in the parking lot with my tinsnips to fit it in my car but that is okay, too….makes it easier to store the leftover stuff in the garage….

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