Got the grey bike torn down…

Well….not sure why I started on the grey bike this afternoon since the parts won’t be here for a couple of weeks but I did….tried and tried to get the pedals out of the crank arms since I have to re-use them and they wouldn’t budge until I remembered that I have a propane torch the kinda works…so I dug that out and heated the arms and since they are made out of aluminum, they expanded and I was able to get them loose with a big rubber hammer on the wrench…but that took almost a half hour and I thought I was done for the day…but, I was curious how hard the crank arms were going to be to remove so I hit them with some wd and got my crank removal tool out…they came off easily so I decided to remove the greasy chain, too, and got that done in about 5 mins…so now I have the bike torn down and waiting for the new parts and it should only take about a half hour to re-assemble it…but I do have to move the front shifter since the big sprocket will hit it if I don’t…it should be easy since I’ve already done it on the black bike and then I’m good for 10,000 more miles….and I hope that going to Shimano cranks and sprockets will mean they last longer…the suntour stuff has always looked cheap….and I really do like the higher gear that this change gave me…I can fly on the black bike over 25 mph and I think I may be able to get to thirty if I have enough coffee….

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