September 12th

Well…5:56…that’s all I’ll say about that….found a new place to get my paper on Sunday and it is much closer to me so that is cool….slept okay last night and had some dreams that I really don’t remember other that I had them…feel okay this morning but I’m a little sore in new places after wrenching on the bike yesterday and I think I’m going to have to let my hands rest at some point since they feel abused and stiff and have for a while now….man, it’s already 71 out here at 7 am and the humidity is off the charts…sweating like crazy just sitting here and will be ready to get on the bike in a half hour or so when it gets light….and it is calm and that very rarely happens so it will be a good ride this morning….need to get out and back here before the F1 race at 9 so I can set up for getting two rides in today….I am going to start taking out the garden today but I only have one bag so the rest of it will have to wait til I go to depot tomorrow to get the soffit repair stuff…can still get it out Monday night for pick up so it won’t have to sit here for a week…not much to do today…do I watch the Lions suck today? Not sure yet but I may watch a bit of it to see the new qb play…have been watching them lose since I was a kid in the 50′s so why stop now? More later…

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