It doesn’t only affect them….

Well….one of the stupid arguments that the repubs use to justify not being vaccinated is that it is a “personal choice” that only affects them and they are willing to take that risk for “freedom”…but what they don’t say is that “personal” choice has fallout that they don’t give a damn about…as the unvaccinated fill up every hospital bed across the country, other innocent people are being denied the emergency care they need to save their lives…just the other day the doctors for a man with a heart attack in NC tried 31 hospitals and there was not one bed available…and the man died before he could be saved which would have happened in normal times…and there was a gunshot victim in Kansas that was told to just go home since there was no one to treat him and no room in the hospital…and that man died at home, too….and this is happening across the country as these selfish, unvaccinated assholes practice their “freedom” by filling up hospitals so there are no birthing rooms available for pregnant women who are ready to deliver, either. I think that when an unvaccinated person who has chosen to not get vaccinated for “reasons” shows up at an emergency room, they need to be told that there are other people that need to be treated who aren’t stupid and they will get to them when everyone else who is vaccinated is treated….they want choice, suffer the consequences….geez…

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