September 13th

Well….this hasn’t happened in the 7 months I’ve lived out here…it’s raining…and that makes two days in a row…had a nice little storm come through yesterday afternoon and there is another one coming through right now…my lawn is going to green up pretty well from that…but I think I’ll be down to one ride today since I need to get out and get the materials for fixing the soffit…but I need to be able to put the top down on the car since the siding is 12 feet long…so I’ll have to wait a while and I’m not sure how to do that…have to take a deep breath and just relax about it….I did get started on taking the garden out yesterday but the rest of it has to wait until I get out and get more bags this morning….I had one that is sitting out in the rain and I hope it survives the rain and dragging it out front for pick up tomorrow….I do need to clean this place up some today since I have let it get pretty messy and I don’t like it…but not right now…I’m not sure if there is enough coffee to get me going this morning with feeling this slow….not much to do today…just the errand, cleaning, the garden, and trying to get on the bike…I guess that’s enough for one day…I am going to take wed off…okay, I might take a day off this week….yeah, no….still have lots to do and not enough time to do it…at least I’ll have the outside pretty much done for the winter after tomorrow…then it’s just a wait for the leaves to fall….more later….

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