“Severe mental decline”

Well…I see there is a new book coming out co written by Bob Woodward (of Watergate fame) that really is quite scary…in it they say the idiot trump had planned try to start a war to stay in power and you could see it with idiot boy’s belligerence toward China…and they quote the chairman of the joint chief’s, General Milley, saying he noticed a “severe mental decline” in the idiot after the election and even went so far as to use backchannel communication with his counterpart in China to assure him that the US was not going to attack them to keep them from launching a first strike. All of this because a minority of the country thought it was a good idea to elect a mentally unstable moron to the presidency. I still have a question, though…everyone knew this about trump, so why didn’t any of these supposed concerns turn into action against the idiot? Why are we now just hearing about this? This is what happens when a political party puts itself above the country and any tactic or lie is fair game…and it is still going on right now from the repubs as they still listen to the unstable idiot from Florida….geez…

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