September 14th

Well…another 6:05 morning and I am just starting my first cup of coffee….just put the garden waste out to the curb and it is warmer outside than it is in here so I opened the windows to let the breeze blow through…and it looks like the rain is already over for the day but at least we got some last night…it looks like it will be dry for the next week but I don’t think I’ll need to water the lawn for a few days anyway….I wonder if I’ll be able to get in the water one more time before fall? It was pretty cold when I was out there last week but still okay…might try that later in the week….slept okay last night but I’m still worn out…and I have been having cramps in my calves and it hurt like crazy just to put the bags out a few minutes ago….so. we’ll see how it is when I get on the bike here in a few minutes…..only got one ride in yesterday with the rain we had in the morning but I am going to try to do two before I get to the soffit repair today….I got a notice that consumers is going to be out here trimming trees in the next week and there are a few branches in the alley that will need to be taken down….have not had a power outage out here since I moved in 7 months ago and that is better than in GR where I had a couple of half day ones and the power blinked every time there was a storm…not much to do today….just the rides and taking down a dead branch that is hanging over my power lines along with the soffit repairs…that’s enough, isn’t it? More later….

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