Got a bargain…

Well…getting ready to do some repairs to the soffit on the house this morning, I went out to get some siding and found out that the 13 inch stuff that is on my house is a special order item that would take weeks to get…so, I decided to buy some 16 inch wide stuff that I will have to cut down to make fit…a bit of a pain but doable…and when I was at Menards looking at it, I noticed a pile of damaged ones lying next to the rack of the good ones and asked the clerk if  they would sell me one of those since I only needed 36 inches of the 12 foot section…he said sure and I got the 20 buck piece for 5 bucks so that was pretty cool…they even cut it in half for me so I could put it in the front seat of the car….and I got caulk to glue the sections in instead of glue since caulk is 1.94 and adhesive is almost 10 bucks a tube…and, if I have to section a piece, I can use the caulk to fill the seam and finish it…so, I have everything ready to do the job tomorrow and it looks like there is a window from 11 to 2 that it won’t be raining so that is plenty of time to get everything done…I hope anyway….and I think I’m going to wash the section of siding near that part of the roof, too…might just as well get everything done at once….oh, and I got some stuff done on the yard today, too….got all of the branches bundled and out to the street and took out the rest of the garden to put out tomorrow so I’ll have three full bags….and I got a bike ride in and figured out I’m going to switch the new crankset from the black bike over to the grey one when I get the rest of the parts thurs so I can get the grey one back on the road…the pounding on my elbow and thumb from the frozen front forks is starting to make them hurt like crazy so I need to get that done as soon as possible….

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