October 18th

Well…running late today with not getting up til around 7 for the last time…don’t feel as sore as I expected from riding in the wind yesterday but I do feel my legs burning a bit but not much more than normal after a two ride day…I do feel pretty burned out for some reason and it may be that I tossed and turned a lot in bed last night and only had a grilled cheese for dinner to go with the third of a chicken breast and some onion rings for lunch…I do need to run an errand this morning as I wait for the temp to come up before I get on the bike…going to get the new dining room shades and some self tapping screws to try to fix the mower so I can mow the lawn again…the grass is still growing like crazy and I still need to feed it with the fall food I got last week…and I need to do some tree trimming before winter to keep the branches off the power and cable lines….so maybe that today, too, but I’m not sure yet….the coffee hasn’t started to work and I just want to sit here for a while first….need to read some news and think for a while first….and get the cobwebs out of my brain….more later…

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