Got some work done!

Well…I did get out for two rides today which were almost as brutal as the one that hurt my ribs Saturday….and I know I’m going to hurt like crazy tomorrow…but there is good news…I got some work done today…as I mentioned earlier, I planned to clean the two windows in the dining room and get ready to replace the crappy shades in there with actual white ones…and I got them done! And I’ve figured out a method that appears to be the most efficient way to clean them and the second one took about half the time as the first one…and they look so good finally being clean that I can see through them for the first time…now I can open them for ventilation that I couldn’t before with all of the dirt that was in them and I’ll be able to let some sun in when I get shades that work…will probably do the three in the kitchen tomorrow and then I’ll be down to 6 to go….still can’t believe how much dirt they collect in the bottom of them…but I think with getting grass in all of the bare spots that used to be half the lawn, there will be less loose dirt to blow around and maybe they will stay cleaner longer…hope so…

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