October 17th

Well…running about on time this morning with getting up at 6:13 and I am sore from riding in the wind yesterday….my ribs on my right side have been sore since I got off the bike and that normally happens in over 20 mph winds…but, I’ll be out this morning with it being almost calm but I will have to wait until the temp comes up some…and it gets light…still not used to it being dark so late in the morning and I get a little antsy waiting to get out…I guess I’ll have to cope with that since it will only get worse…didn’t get much done yesterday and it looks like I’ll be down to one ride again today but I do want to start on the fall cleaning of the windows since I have 11 of them to do and some of them are pretty dirty…the heat has been on since yesterday around noon and that is one thing that was a relief when it came on….I always feel that way in the fall but I have to remember that this one is newer and should start and run all winter with just a little wd on the combustion blower…I am going to tear into it this week to see about the bearings on the blower to see if they need lube or if they are sealed…it does feel good to know that I have enough cash to buy a new one if I need it…not much to do today…just going to get the first ride in as soon as it gets light if it’s over 50 but I haven’t looked at that yet…and I do have to clean the dining room widows today and measure the shades so I can get new ones that work and put them up this week….and there are races on this aft so I want to be done before them….more later…..

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