Scraping the bottom of the barrel..

Well…haven’t talked about the illegal Russian invasion of Ukraine in a while so, with what was reported this morning, I thought I’d just do a shorty on it…the amount of equipment that Russia has lost is just staggering…I mean almost 3,000 tanks, thousands of artillery pieces, thousands of armored fighting vehicles…you get the point, they have been bleeding equipment almost on a daily basis…just yesterday they lost 8 tanks…and with the sanctions in place, the Russians really can’t replace them with the semi modern tanks they were sending…they really don’t have a modern tank that can match the Leopard 2′s or the M1 Abrams that we are sending them in the near future…so what is Russia’s response? They start sending even older tanks that they had in storage in Siberia or someplace like that…just today photos were posted of tanks that were made in the 40′s…late 40′s I guess but at least designed in the late 40′s….by comparison, if we sent tanks of that generation, we’d have to dig some Shermans out of museums to go that far back….where do you get parts for something that old? I do know that one Leopard or Abrams could take on 30 or 40 of those old relics and come away unscathed…remember that in the Iraq war, not one Abrams was lost to the same tanks the Russians are using in Ukraine…so the ones they scraped off the bottom of the barrel are really not going to do much….but, hey…keep sending them, they will make great scrap metal….

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