July 30th

Well….running late this morning just because I decided to have coffee and read the papers first…it was an okay day yesterday but didn’t do much….it does look like I’ve been dropped by the Post for some reason and it would have been nice for them to let me know why…oh, well….it looks like a gorgeous day outside and I’ve already been on the bike…not for the long ride but to get the papers…it has been such a good summer for that with the warmth and lack of rain…just read an article about average temps here in GR and they are almost 1.5 degrees higher on average than they were 20 years ago….but climate change is not happening….not much to do today…might meet up with T for a bloody this morning but I haven’t heard from her yet so I’m not planning on it…going back to the couch to watch the rest of F1 qualifying….I will be back later for at least one more……

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