It’s been a bore…

Well…it’s been a bore of a day and I’m just waiting for 7 o’clock to come so I can have a cocktail and watch Man U and Barcelona play a friendly match…I have been working on a political one today but the nonsense goes on with the debt ceiling which is crowding out all the rest of the political news….I just can’t believe that these guys are wasting so much time on this non issue when the economy is heading back into recession…just like I said it would if government spending was cut while the economy was still fragile….I hope the tea partiers are made to pay for their nonsense in 2012 and they send them back to ignorantville where they came from….

One of the things I find funny about the tea party and its masters is how they act just like the totalitarians that they say they hate…in the old Soviet Union, threats were a way of life to those in the government and was the way to keep them in line and we see exactly the same thing from the tea party leaders…promising to “primary” any member of congress that doesn’t do exactly as they say; no matter if their idiocy will result in irreparable damage to the country…these folks just don’t give a damn about anything but the money men from the Heritage foundation, Club for Growth, and the Koch brothers…’s just un-American that 80 people out of the congress can take it upon themselves to ruin this country…

Where are the jobs Boehner? Where are the jobs Cantor?

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