June 29th part two…

Okay…that was almost an outrage overload but I had to get that stuff out…you know how that feels. But I also feel conflicted that I am adding to the anger in everyday discourse but, at least in the examples I’ve cited, I think the anger is justified. There’s a difference in being angry about things that exist and just inventing things to be angry about…

Let’s move on to more fun stuff…did go fishing with Tom in the Grand River this aft…I caught two suckers, one of them almost 15 inches long, and Tom caught a smallmouth…drowned a dozen nightcrawlers to do it but it was kind of relaxing to be doing things we did from the same bank of the river 35 years ago. And, this time, there were no bubbles in the river from the runoff from Amway or the smell of soap that used to permeate the air in Ada. Yay!

I think I’ve used up all of my outrage for a couple of days…but don’t let that stop you from coming back..I’m still working on that change thing that I have been promising…maybe just a chronicling of what changes have happened? But change only exists as to it’s effect on people so I think that needs to be part of it. It’s gonna hurt but not talking about it is even worse….more later.

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