322 squirrels…

Well…if you’ve read this thing before, you know that there are times that my attention wanders around like a dog…heading one place then the next, sometimes settling on things that are interesting…at least to me anyway….and that happened this morning heading out on the bike ride. By the time I had gotten to the outer drive to the complex here, I had already seen 15 squirrels and thought to myself that it was kind of unusual so I decided to count them for the entire 13 miles today…just like I do with caterpillars, snakes, bunnies, and other things I have seen…and, that leads us to the title…on the ride today I counted 322 squirrels and some of them were even of the suicide variety…running out in front of me like they were trying to get run over…not sure if this is interesting…it is strange, though….

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