December 28th

Well…it was an okay day yesterday and I finally got the bathroom done…not sure why it took so long to get to it since it only takes about a half hour to take care of it….even got some laundry done, too, so it was a little more productive than a normal Saturday.  Slept okay again but still no dreams but that appears to be the new normal so I won’t complain too much….even feel okay this morning which is a nice surprise and I will get on the bike in a little while but the Man U match is on right now so that’s more important…the bike still won’t shift consistantly into 8th so I do need to look at that before I go out…it’s still a little too cold to go out anyway…not much to do today……going to think about doing the kitchen and then watch the Lions play…notice I didn’t say lose….hope they don’t….more later….

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