Whiny cops….

Well…this one just popped into my head a few minutes ago so I thought I say something about it…after reading about all of the cops bitching and whining that no one respects them anymore and of the NY cops playing the silly game of turning their backs on the mayor at a funeral, I think the cops have become a bunch of whiny kids that are throwing tantrums because people aren’t kissing their butts every time they are on the streets. I wrote a piece a few years back on the hero worship that cops and firefighters got after 9/11 and this is the logical backlash…it’s like a kid being told that he’s the most terrific person in the world all of his life and then real life intrudes with the truth and he can’t handle it…he’s confused that he’s not the best at everything or that he has to earn respect in the real world…that is just what these cops are to me…spoiled, whiny little brats that throw fits if they don’t get their way…so, let’s get to the reality…that there are good cops out there but many of them are entitled pricks who think just because they wear a badge the law doesn’t apply to them…this has got to end….

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