December 31st

Well…it was an okay day yesterday other than my stupidity with going out on the bike in 18 degree and 15 mph winds weather. Hands were so cold when I got back they had shifted from cold to pure pain and I had to just sit and not move them for 5 minutes for the pain to subside even after running them under hot water…then, the neat little surprise was that my frozen toes had a time delay to their pain that came in about 10 minutes after I got back here…needless to say, not going to do that anytime soon. But, the good thing is I have the bike fixed and the shifter is working perfectly again…I am patting myself on the back for figuring out the water in the cable problem that I fixed with a little WD. Slept okay last night even without earplugs since the furnace in the unit upstairs has stopped howling…weird…but cool. But, the lower tooth under the bad one killed me last night and I was up to 3 ibuprofens yesterday….going to have to get that taken care of soon…but, it’s okay right now so I am going to just enjoy that….not much to do today….have already done the grocery run but there will be no bike ride today since it’s going to be in the teens all day…may meet up with T for HH later but that is about it…more later….

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