January 29th

Well….it was an okay day yesterday and the car finally thawed so I could get the door locks open but it looks like more ice this morning…going to need to thaw the car so I can do the grocery run inĀ  a few minutes…slept okay and had dreams about a 77 Chrysler that I owned a few years back and that was weird…and there was lots of snow…so much, in fact, that the car was buried…the one thing I noticed was how quiet the car was in comparison the Miata….yep, even in my dreams the Miata is a loud car….didn’t get a lot done yesterday but I did get a bike ride in an now I am waiting for the pain to kick in from that….may even be able to get back on it today after the ice thaws….not much to do today…need to continue cleaning after getting much of the summer clothes finally put away….and the grocery run since I am out of food…more later…..

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