February 25th

Well…it was an okay day yesterday…still didn’t get much done but I felt pretty good for the first time in quite a while so that is something…slept crappy last night since the tooth flared up and I forgot to take something for it…so I was up at 2 and then had to wait for the ibuprofen to work…but it’s okay right now so I think it was just from grinding my teeth like I do….we’ll see today….I did get a few resumes out and that is the plan for today…going to make a little cash today so there will be groceries tomorrow…at least it was warm enough last night so I didn’t have to run the car…and tonight looks the same….thurs night is going to be cold again but I know how to make the car start so that’s a good thing….not much to do today…have to get rid of the papers and clean the kitchen some but that is about it….more later….

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