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June 30th

Well…this is an early one this morning…have been up since 5 or so and I’m already a little bored so I thought I’d sit here for a minute and get the first one of the day out…I will get to 60 after all…that was in doubt for a while since I’ve not had a lot of outrage lately and I can’t figure it out….I’ve already updated you in the second part of yesterday’s so I won’t do that now….I did stay in last night, big surprise, huh? I think I am going to go out later today to just be around people a little…rode by the Peppino’s at happy hour the other day and there were people everywhere standing around their deck…might have to check that out and have a couple just to see what the attraction is. I do have things to do today…groceries, of course, then C is coming into town again and then I’m going to lay out in the sun again…still working on the bike tan….more later….

Oh, one last thing that I forgot…watched the movie “The Green Hornet” yesterday and it was one of the worst things I have ever seen…the only reason I chose it was I was a fan of the tv show when I was a kid…Seth Rogan just ruined the whole idea, changing it into a semi comedy that was both poorly written and acted….

June 29th part two…

Well…it was an okay day today with lunch at Mongolian BBQ…oh, told you that already didn’t I? Had a nice bike ride that was punctuated with seeing a blimp flying toward the airport…wasn’t close enough to see whose it was but it looked a lot bigger than the goodyear or other ones you see at sporting events….the gondola was way at the front…not in the middle like the smaller ones….pretty cool…looked like a ufo at first….and I have to admit I was a little excited. Another month has gone by and still no bites on the job front…I can still pay the rent for one more month and I did come into a little cash this week so I am going to splurge on a whole mess of food at the grocery store tomorrow and finally buy a new headlight bulb…one of them has been burned out for a couple of months, but it really hasn’t mattered since I don’t go out at night much anymore….geez…can’t even remember the last time I drove at night….okay, that’s enough for now…I do need to get to 60 you know…..

June 29th

Well…had a pretty good day yesterday and some fun with C coming into town and going out to have a couple….and today looks like a fun one, too with lunch at Mongolian BBQ with G and then out for a couple with her later in the day…I did see a really sad thing on the trail yesterday….there was a dead swan in the retention pond by M-6…now, if it was a goose I would have cheered to have one of those flying rats go down…but not a swan…oh, well…I guess that is nature at work. There was a very interesting idea on “Countdown” last night that made me laugh and that will be a topic of another one later this morning…I do have to get to 60 after all….not much else to say right now so I’ll stop here and go get a glass of ice water….more later…

June 28th

Well….another night of fighting the boredom and I was somewhat successful with the free HBO that was on the dish over the weekend…I did get to watch a few movies….even watched “Inception” again and it was much more understandable the second time through. I did send a disc back to Netflix three days ago and have not gotten the notice they’ve received it….but I think the mail is screwy here since they didn’t pick up my electric bill yesterday either….I do have another pork loin to cook today in G’s recipe so that is something to look forward to since the last one came out the most tender thing I’ve eaten in a long time. I do have some things to do today…made a lot of headway cleaning this place up and want to continue that with all of the spiders that have returned…going to meet up with T for one later and then C is coming into town to hang out for a while….so I won’t be nearly as bored as I have been…need to start looking at plans for the 4th weekend but it will probably just be watching races again…but that’s okay…I will have topics for later since I haven’t gotten to 60 for the month and time is running out…

June 27th

Well…another day, another night, and I did defeat the boredom somewhat with going out with K and K for a couple yesterday aft and then races to watch. I did get the new computer for the bike…oh, told you about that yesterday….have been being pretty good lately and feel okay this morning and that’s good since I need to get this place cleaned up and start getting rid of stuff in case I need to move to find work…and it’s necessary anyway to get some discipline in my life. I did get rid of the leaning tower of newspapers yesterday and that was a major accomplishment and a good base to build on. Not much to do today…don’t have to cook since there are many leftovers from the pot roast and I am going out for coffee to watch for rain…thanks Pink Floyd….I don’t think they meant that as a good thing, though….more later..or right now since I’m behind for the month…

June 26th

Well…yeah, I’m running late this morning but I have an excuse for this one….the computer died on the bike yesterday and I had to buy a new one and install it before I got to the newspaper….and here’s a weird thing…the identical computer that I bought 6 years or so ago cost almost 25 bucks and this one was only 12 bucks…so I felt pretty good about that. I didn’t do anything yesterday, really…I watched as Mexico beat up on the US in soccer yesterday and won the gold Cup and then Verlander pitched another great game for the Tigers so I was able to keep myself amused….and I made a pot roast with T’s recipe that is always good…not much to do today..haven’t heard from K in quite a while and that is kind of weird but I guess it’s the path that things are on….I do have some musings for later on why the recovery is faltering and maybe on politics but who knows? Want to get out on the bike right now since there is plentiful sunshine and no wind…going to get 25 miles in and grin a lot…

June 25th

Well…another very, very low key night last night and I think I’m losing some of my social skills being here all of the time….but I have been getting some huge amounts of introspection time and I’m not sure that’s a bad thing. It looks like a glorious morning and I am really excited about getting out on the bike after the F1 qualifying that is on right now….and I am going to get a pot roast in the oven before I go out so it will be ready when I get back…I think I’m going to ignore the bad news on eating potatoes and make some mashed ones and gravy…how can you have pot roast without them? I do have a question that has been rattling around in my head about the hand wringing that has been going on here in west Michigan about attracting and retaining young talent to keep this place vibrant….what about the older talent like me? It’s just another piece of evidence that us older, qualified workers have been discarded and are never going to find work again…and that is the only thing that depresses me these days…what am I? Chopped liver?

Oh, well….going to get out on the bike and smile at the sky today along with watching races and cleaning today…so, I can amuse myself as always….more later….

June 24th

Well…a semi-interesting day yesterday with the new season of “Burn Notice” starting and that helped to relieve the boredom somewhat but not as much as I need. I guess I’ll have to find more things to do that don’t cost anything…don’t know if I can ride the bike more…oh, I did have a weird dream this morning that had the bike in it….I had it parked on a hillside next to a road and an old woman in her Mercedes decided she wanted to park on the lawn and ran it over….don’t know what that has to do with anything but it was entertaining…especially when her husband said that it was my fault for even being on the earth when I’m not rich enough to afford to not ride a bike….yep, that one was a little convoluted but you get the idea. Not much to do today…I do have a little cash so I’m going to go for groceries so I can at least eat….and now with potatoes being the worst food for people wanting to lose weight, I have to figure out what else to eat with my meals….I will have some more comments today since things are heating up in politics and the weirdness level in increasing….getting right into my sweet spot….

June 23rd

Well…another day yesterday…just like the day before and the day before that…I guess you can tell I’m a little bored but it was nice to see T and G….man, I just don’t have anything to say….maybe I should wait until later….I do have some stuff to do today…I am getting so tired of cooking chicken that I’m going to give some of it to G…I think I still have 15 lbs in the freezer…okay, that’s it…I’m even boring myself so I’m going to stop….

Okay…I’m back and feel quite a bit better both mentally and physically so I thought I’d add a little to this one…did not go out and get the papers today since I was about a buck short on cash to get them and coffee…and I refuse to use the credit card to buy coffee…I will still try to get caught up later this aft with a couple…I did muster up the strength to get a pork loin in the oven using the same rub that I used for ribs and making a tin foil pouch to cook it in…low and slow and with it being the first time cooking this way, I hope it comes out good….I’m sitting here waiting for the mist to quit so I can get out on the bike but I think I may have to just bite the bullet and go…so that’s what I’m going to do….

Nothing really important….

Well…did a lot of searching today and couldn’t find anything important to write about so I thought I’d just put down some observations that I find to funny…not funny ha ha, but funny a little weird. Out on the trail today, I saw a weird thing that I’ve seen a couple of times the I really do have to share….why do people who are walking on the trail; to get exercise and lose weight I suppose, carry chips and other bad foods with them to eat? Then there are the pop bottles…so these people want to gain weight by walking? Just can’t understand it…

I’ve notice another weird thing since I’ve shaved off the beard….more women are smiling at me like I exist again…with the entirely gray beard, I was pretty invisible and no one noticed me at all…just an observation, or wishful thinking maybe…who knows? Hmmm…what else? Not much right now….I did have a nice lunch with T….