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May 18th

Well..I was just guessing on how much the car was going to cost, remember, I said that it would be 200 bucks? It actually is only 199…yay! I hope you get the sarcasm. But since having a loud car is one thing I can’t stand, it’s a good deal to me. It was a good decision to put the bike on the carrier and ride home to wait for the car…got the chance to work out and I’ll have some lunch before I ride back to get it. Have had this weird taste for chili dogs for the last few days so that is what I’m going to have.

No other plans for today other than to clean again…did a bunch of stuff around here over the weekend that made quite a mess so I’ll have to get on it. Should make enough cash this week to get the new rear tire for the bike and buy a cable modem to get rid of this damn unreliable DSL. More later…

May 17th

Been kind of a strange day today…well..like all of my days are strange, I guess. Did get the workout in and took a long bike ride but the damn wind was ugly..oh,well. Have to take the wreck in to the muffler shop again tomorrow..it seems like at least once a year, I have to have something replaced; another 200 bucks down the drain…I need to find a job so I can buy a new car.

The LC is still closed so I don’t know where Monday out is with G is going to be today..it has to be somewhere that has Keno since that is a large part of of our night and is fun when we win sometimes. Probably Florentine’s since it is half way between our places and they have keno…hmmmm…well, that’s about it for now…I’ll get to the GRP and columnist thing later or tomorrow…

May 16th

Well…it is getting kind of irritating that I can depend on the DSL going out on Friday night and coming back on Sunday morning…but I did get a lot of stuff done yesterday do maybe there is a silver lining. Just watched the F-1 race from Monaco and I don’t like the idea that they moved it from Memorial Day weekend…it was always the coolest race weekend with Monaco, Indy, and the World 600 all on the same day…it used to be wash and wax the car day, too, listening to Indy on the radio..bygone days, I know.

Getting ready to take the bike out as soon as the temp gets up to around 60…going to take a nice long one today but I’m not sure if it’s Pink Floyd for the ride or maybe some Peter Gabriel “Secret World Live”….or Neil Young….hmmmm. More later….


Okay…I’ll get started on the whole change thing now…while I’m waiting for a Kubrick movie to start. In a novel that I wrote about 15 years ago, I presented the idea that there are times in life where an event happens and from that point forward, how you look at life and how your life unfolds is different than it was before. But that is not the only premise that I have to speak to, I’ll get to how change has a personal effect; in this case the effect on my life and how hard it has been throughout my life to adapt to change while others that I see around me can just take it all in stride and go on in a straight line…like there is only one path and no matter what happens, they will be on that path. I don’t know if there is a purpose to all of this, but change is something that has been troubling to me for about a year now and has occupied my thoughts to a great extent. So, this is going to be a multi-post subject that will probably unfold over a while….if you’re interested, come back…hope I don’t bore you too much.

May 12th

Well…this is new for me, I don’t have a lot to say again for a second day…did have some manhattans last night so I got up feeling kind of crappy but did work out already and am going to get on the bike in a few minutes to beat the rain.

More later…I promise..

May 11th

Well…didn’t go out to LC last night since the place is closed for some mysterious reason. Did go over to G’s and sat outside around the fireplace and had a few beers…got home pretty early. Still working on getting the tire sealer out of the carpet today, this place still smells like it has just been repainted so, even though it’s 43 degrees outside, I have the slider open to try to get the stink out of here.

I know I promised more outrage today but just can’t work any up right now…maybe some more life stuff later. No plans for tonight as far as I know…with the Wings done for the year there really isn’t anything I want to do…

May 8th

Well…wanted to get a post out before I dive into cleaning up this mess…have been working hard on slowing down and making my life a little more languid. Don’t know why I still feel the need to get all the tasks of life done as fast as possible; I guess it’s that I still am struggling with the fact that the journey is the thing, not the destination. So, I’m going to make the effort with today’s cleaning, cooking, and writing to enjoy the process and shift down a gear..after all, where do I have to be?

I do have my Red Wings gear on already and I am excited to see which team comes out at 10….my prediction of a 4-2 series win for us is out the window but as long as we’re are playing, I’ll still have hope….let’s stretch this out until at least Monday!!

Go Wings!!!

Music and Me….more onion skin…

If there is anything that anyone knows about me is how important music has been to me all of my life and that fact makes it inevitable that I would want to share how that came to be…but the problem is that I really don’t know why intellectually; it’s like seeing a painting that immediately evokes a response but to try to explain it to anyone else then pollutes their reaction to it. Or, it invokes an argument on the meaning where there is no need for one since art can and should mean different things to different people. Does that make sense? I guess music has helped me to understand that we are not alone in the world for one thing; it is a shorthand that connects us to shared thoughts and feelings and even at times has helped me realize that there are emotions to be felt that had never been a part of me.

I’ll get specific in a later post….

May 7th

I hope you remembered that when you see a date in the title, it’s going to be about my life and thoughts…just thought I’d remind you so you don’t get your expectations too high…or have any at all since this is just a guy talking.

That was a fun time last night out at LC with G but I don’t know how long we can sustain the bar tabs that are approaching a hundred bucks. Yep, and just for two people. But we did get a coupon for two free steak dinners for knowing the answer to the question: “What is the make and model of the car from the movie Christine?” I knew it was a Plymouth Fury and was the only one…gave the answer to the bartenders since G and I weren’t playing trivia but were watching the Wings game. Don’t know how good they will be but, in this part of Michigan, free is better than good for most people.

Taking the day off from riding since it’s raining like crazy and I think 22 days in a row is enough…the legs were starting to feel dead and it was making the rides not a lot of fun..

I’m starting to feel better since it’s close to noon and I’m going to watch the Wings game again since I couldn’t hear it last night and I want to hear Ken and Mickey. More later…

May 3rd…not a lot to say today

Well….still can’t get over how badly the Wings were screwed last night…but that’s over and done and I have to remind myself that it was still a great, fast game and I had a lot of fun out at Sazerac in the north end. Even had a youngster flirt with me for a while which I could say helped my ego but since I know it was just fooling around, there really is no effect there. Too bad.

I am a little irritated that Monday with G was canceled after taking care of a lot of stuff for her today. But she got to golf at one of the nice country clubs around here so how can you pass that up? And, I can use the night off from drinking since I know I’ll be out to see the Wings tomorrow…maybe she’s doing me a favor, huh? Kind of worn out so I’m going to end here for a while. Maybe more later but probably not until tomorrow…