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February 22nd

Well…I did go out last night to a new place with G and it was one of these throwback lounges that I remember from my youth…updated with Keno so it was kind of fun…with the ice that was still on the roads…the old wreck was almost shaken apart and I felt bad for it….made it home, though, it was all good. Our Tuesday spot for pool just closed so Tom and I have to find a new place today…not too happy about that but that’s life, I guess. I did get my state taxes done yesterday so that will be some money coming in in a few weeks…might be able to make it through May now if things fall right but it would be better to find a job and get moving forward. Not much to do today…normal Tuesday stuff and resumes….and a few more posts that I will have for you today…there are topics that I have been thinking about that may come out today…who knows? More later….

February 21st

Well…did the world end yesterday? I made the mistake of listening to the weather and it appeared for a while that we were all going to die a slow, cold death. Then, I looked out at the car this morning and it’s covered with 4 inches or so of snow…another snow storm…not the winter snowpocalypse that was predicted. At least we are getting toward March and this stuff will be over soon. It was a normal sunday…no SF since K is in Florida and I didn’t really do a whole lot…the Wings won in a shootout and the Woods brothers won Daytona which was pretty cool; they were a huge team when I was growing up and the gold number 21 on the side of the car brought back some good memories. Other than that….pretty much a veg day and that was okay. Not much to do today….have to keep working on the resume so I can find some kind of work pretty soon….there should be topics for later…the Protests in Madison chould be one…and one thing struck me…they interviewed a 20 year old tea party supporter…how can that be? Are all of our youth getting that stupid that they buy into that fake organization bankrolled by the Koch brothers? I fear for this country when the ideas of 20 year olds have ossified to those of a pissed off 50 year old white guy…geez…more later…

February 20th

Well…have my schedule a little backwards this morning…had my coffee and read the newspaper already…that’s why I’m late and it might be fun to see if the caffeine affects how and how much I write. Had a normal Saturday yesterday and had fun out at GR Brewing Co. with K and V for a couple…..then back here to watch the rest of the race but I am getting even more bored with nascar than last year…maybe the 500 today will be better but this whole 2 car draft thing is pretty annoying…I think it’s time to lose the restrictor plates and let them race…they were running at 215 in 1985 and aren’t speeds supposed to go up? And, don’t get me started on the car they are running now…are they trying to ruin the sport? Okay, driving off on a tangent there….get it? DRIVING off on a tangent….ha, ha,….I crack myself up sometimes. Not much to do today…of course, I have the race and the Wings game at the same time so there will be some flipping involved…no, I don’t have a dvr….I might have some topics for later today or maybe just another musing day…I guess I’m supposed to be cringing and stockpiling food for the winter storm we are supposed to get but…c’mon, this is Michigan in feb….what do you expect? More later….

Saturday morning musings….

Well….I have been going off on political topics all week and some of the posts have been a little screedish so I thought I’d change it up a bit for today and just let some thoughts flow out….and I will want to claim the invention of screedish…a brand new word…you’ve heard it here first, folks. But, on to other things…a thought hit me after lunch with T yesterday that I feel even more lonely after I meet up with people and go out….when I thought back to some of the recent outings, it appears to be pretty constant and I don’t know why. Hmmmmm…doesn’t really mean anything I guess…this was kind of triggered by hearing “Southern Cross” by CSN on Pandora this morning….maybe because it’s about love, loss, and bad choices that can stay with you throughout your life. Who Knows?

I have been struggling with getting the new novel going…I have the story kind of set but don’t have the big, grabber ending yet and it is getting frustrating….but I’ll figured this stuff out before and I know I will again….okay, “Wouldn’t it be nice” by the Beach Boys just came on…..just a great love song…it’s one of those days where my emotions are all over the map…do men have hormonal problems when they age? Sure seems like it….maybe I’ll have to change the station to Led Zeppelin….okay….someone at Pandora is reading my mind right now…”I can’t tell you why” by the Eagles just came on….do I have to put on the tin foil hat now? If they do it again, I’ll need to do something…

It’s 10:28 and this weird calmness just came over this place….and me…..it’s like the air is thicker and everything is muffled and slower….waiting for the next song…..okay, the Moody blues just came on so I can take the hat off….maybe that’s what they’re waiting for….yep, you know I’m a little nuts so you shouldn’t be surprised about this one..I do need to come up for air occasionally….I’ll probably do another one of these later since this one didn’t help….

February 19th

Well…running late for some reason and even I don’t know what it is….did have some weird dreams about people stealing flowers out of my backyard and there were dogs involved…yep, pretty weird….was a pretty good day yesterday with lunch with T and the a good Red Wings game later…we won again so that it 4 in a row, can’t wait for sunday’s game…I was a little concerned for a while when they weren’t playing well….a bit of good news came last evening…Steely Dan is touring again this year and I think I’ll write to their site and suggest they come to GR so I won’t have to travel across the state or to Chicago to see them. Now, I’ll just have to find someone to go with since G used to be my concert partner and that just won’t happen anymore. Not much to do today…meeting up with K for a couple at 1 to see her off before she goes to Florida….then back here to watch races if there are any…..I will have some topics for later since there is such an uproar here about the gov’s budget plans…more later…

February 18th

Well…the day didn’t turn out as I expected….the nascar race was kind of boring and with the water being off here all day, I didn’t want to take the bike out and get all muddy. No night out with G, either, since she had a work function but that was okay..running low on cash and didn’t really need to spend any. I’ll bet you’re getting tired of me saying I feel crappy but I still do and I know it has to be a new bug…I did get the car washed and feel good about being able to see out of the windows again. Not much to do today…groceries this morning and then lunch with T which I’m really looking forward to…another Wings game tonight and I think it will be home with a couple of cocktails…oh, and the Wings won convincingly last night…have not seen them play like this all year and it looks like a good playoff run is going to happen this year…yay! I will have topics for later with all of the controversy here in Michigan…as you know, the repubs are trying to give the state away to business while taking more and more from the rest of us….more later….

February 17th

Well…not sure why I have feeling so lousy lately but I do have hope that today will be better….yesterday was a veg day almost…did get a few things done around here but wasn’t really motivated to do more….didn’t even cook and If you know me, that’s like not breathing but maybe today I’ll fire up the slow cooker for some chicken….today looks kind of busy with the warmer weather…I am going
to wash the wreck to get the salt off and try to get out on the bike if it’s going to be in the 50′s….then there are the qualifying races from Daytona and maybe meeting up with G for a couple…then the Wings play later so finally, I have a day that I don’t have to think, I can just do the mindless things that most people do. I am really looking forward to that….I will get a couple out later since it is looking like the repubs have taken their stupidity to the next level and I will have to comment…do you expect anything less? More later….

February 16th

Well…. a little bit more fun last night with taking it much easier…I did win at pool again but I know I can’t keep shooting well and Tom won’t keep giving me games forever….have not been sleeping well so I have to try something here in the near future…can’t keep going on every day being exhausted…but, I’ll figure something out…always do….at least the weather is better and I can almost see over the snow piles and it should get much better here in the next couple of days..it is treacherous out there trying to walk with the snow melt freezing when I go…have bunches of new muscles that hurt with the slipping and sliding…still want to get the bike out tomorrow and at least get a little muddy…will probably wear shorts, too, but it is a pain that the trails are not melting at all and I’ll have to use the streets….not much to do today….I’m not going to bore you with describing the same thing you’ve heard for the last year….so, if there is something new, I’ll pass that on…more later….

February 15th

Well…up late last night for no reason other than “Top Gear” was new and I wanted to see it….but that didn’t mean I slept in…no matter what time I crash at night it’s always up at the same time…between 6 and 6:12….no dreams either and that means the sleep was quite crappy. Oh, well…didn’t do a lot yesterday..no G so it was a night off for me…still feel kind of crappy and that is with being a good boy…have to take a while to figure that one out. Got everything done I wanted to yesterday but that only took until noon so the boredom came back quite strongly in the aft….need to get started on the next novel just to think I’m accomplishing something and I may get tot hat today…it’s not well fleshed out yet but I do have the kernel of an idea that might be a good one…won’t know until I get into it….not much to do today….might have lunch with T but haven’t heard from her so maybe not….going to take it easy out in Ada today if it happens…just not feeling well enough to do more….more later…

February 14th

Well…a pretty much total veg day yesterday after the newspapers…just couldn’t get motivated to do anything…I did get out for a while since it was so warm and that was nice…it looks like the winter thaw is coming this week and I am going to get out on the bike Thursday since it is going to be around 50….just need the melt to happen before that so I can get on the trails…not anywhere near enough room to ride on the roads with the big snow piles out there. Need to wash the car this week, too so I can see out of the windows again…got reminded by T this morning that it is Valentines’s day today and I don’t know how I feel about it…it would be nice to have someone to go out to a nice dinner with…and the rest of it but it’s been so long since I’ve dated that I may have forgotten how it’s done. Oh, well….not much to do today…have to go out for supplies and the normal stuff of course….and the daily grind of resumes, resumes, resumes….but I am getting behind in my posts so I’ll try to do three today…including this one of course…more later…