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It’s been revealed….

Well…with the idiot trump shooting his big mouth off to the Russians the other day and revealing the most top secret information that he didn’t have the right to share as per a secrecy agreement with the source, it has now been revealed that the source of the intel was Israel…and in one fell swoop the idiot has damaged our most important source of terrorist information from the middle east. The Israelis are incensed, and rightly so, they had to scramble to get their assets out of their undercover roles before they were killed….now, listen to that again….intelligence assets had their covers blown and put in mortal danger just so the idiot trump could brag to the Russians that he gets “the best intel”…and now the network that secured the information is gone…just from the sheer utter stupidity of the idiot they call *president. What is it going to take repubs? Giving Putin an office in the White House? Grow some damn spines and get rid of this menace before no other country will even talk to us anymore…impeach….

Just shaking my head….

Well….as usual, when I was reading today I found an article that left me shaking my head about the stupidity of people here in the US…and that happens more and more frequently lately. In a survey that the article was reporting on, 40% of the people polled still think that there were weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq…and, even more troubling than that, there are an almost equal number in the survey that still think Obama wasn’t born in the US…how many times do these false legends have to be debunked before people believe the truth?  I find this willful ignorance to be one of the most troubling trends in US life today…that people who should know better believe this crap that they are spoon fed daily by Fox…I guess I should question their intelligence if they watch Fox…I wonder if just watching Fox lowers your IQ? Sure seems like it…geez…