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Starting to feel like Watergate….

Well….this is a real red letter day…I never do three of these on Friday but this thought just struck me and I thought I’d get it down before too many cocktails….With the steady drip, drip, drip of revelations ¬†of criminal behavior by the idiot trump’s administration and those in the repub leadership that aided in his criminality, this whole episode is starting to feel a lot like how Watergate unfolded. I was old enough to have lived through that one…I was working at Imperial Motors in downtown GR as a parts driver at the time and I remember that every lunch hour, we would sit behind the parts counter and watch the hearings on a little portable tv that one of the guys brought in….and every day there was another little bombshell that filled in the picture of Nixon and his henchmen and how they tried to subvert justice….this same thing is happening now and I find myself glued to Twitter and Kos to see the latest in this sordid trump story….and the latest tonight, that Jared Kushner is the latest person of interest in the investigation…and that never ends well…so, it looks like the investigators are getting there…I would advise Jared to just stay in Europe…or maybe Kazakhstan…I don’t think they have an extradition treaty with the US….impeach….

A crime family is running this country…

Well…the day after the idiot trump extended the EB-5 visa program that allows investors that invest 500k to a million dollars in the US to get a green card and permanent residency here, guess who was in China selling the visas? Of course it has to be someone in the crooked trump administration….or related to it…Jared Kushner’s sister was hawking the visas at a meeting in China over the weekend, making the implied idea that the investment would find favor with trump and his administration…even going so far as to assert that trump himself was the “decision maker” where the visas were concerned. Now, this is such a conflict of interest since trump himself will profit from these investments that I can’t believe that there is not one person in the government ethics agencies that think this is wrong…but, that’s the new world we live in ..a crime family is now running this country…impeach,,,,

The bribery continues….

Well…reading a little bit about some reporters who have been “following the money” just like in Watergate and a couple of stunning sub stories have come up that I just have to comment on. A year or so ago, trump sold some property in Palm Springs, Florida to a Russian oligarch, a “fertilizer baron” as he has been called…and the funny thing about it it this guy paid $50 million dollars more than the property was worth that went straight into trumps pocket…hmmm…I wonder what the reason would be that someone would pay double what a piece of property was worth? Think it may have been a slush fund from the Russian government to set the stage for trump to do them favors? Sure looks like it and trump has given no other explanation for the extra $50 mil. And, the bribery or influence peddling continues with his son in law’s ( and close adviserJared Kushner) family being given a $400 million dollar profit on a building in Manhattan that is being purchased by a shady Chinese company that is said to be a front for the Chinese government. Now, what better way would there be to gain influence in an ethically challenged trump administration than to give the in-laws $400 million dollars? Just another part of the web of corruption that stinks to high heaven from trump and his administration….now, the media has been asleep at the wheel on trump but I can’t believe that there is not one journalist out there that doesn’t want a Pulitzer prize for putting the corruption/conspiracy puzzle together….impeach…