March 31st

Well…it was an okay day yesterday and it was nice to get out on the bike in shorts…the wind was just brutal but just getting out of the thermasuit was enough to offset any wind…and going with it was like I had supercharged legs….had the first real sprints of the year and my lungs really need to be worked to get back into shape…was really good last night and should feel better since I slept okay…I now know it’s allergies and that can be dealt with…have to start looking for a good medication that will cut the symptoms more than the little red pills do…but, at least the back pain is gone and my shoulder is tolerable so I can work out today before I get on the bike…not much to do today…I do have to do two more of these to hit the goal and one of them just might be a filler if I can’t come up with something important to write about….more later…

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