Trump fires Comey….

Well…did anyone else see this coming? As the noose closes around trump and his cronies, trump flails around like the wounded elephant that he is and fires the FBI director….the reaction to this obstruction of justice has been varied on the web from “we’re all screwed” to “this just shows how desperate trump is”…..I’m not sure how I feel about this just yet but I still have a little faith in our institutions and think there are enough ethical folks out there working on these investigations that won’t let this deter them from doing their jobs…like the NY AG who is working on trump money laundering and many other crimes that his gang have committed. And the grand jury in VA that has already issued RICO warrants that are yet to be served…and that is where Comey was for his last day of work….talking to that grand jury and I’m sure that is one of the reasons they fired him today…but, trump is so damn stupid and doesn’t understand how government works that he thinks that firing the director will stop all of the investigations…what does he expect all of the FBI agents to do? Just sit at their desks and play on Facebook until a new director is named? Not gonna happen…the stink of desperation is all over this….impeach…

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