Don’t get too excited abut Sessions….

Well…counting down to 2:30 this aft and the testimony of Jeff Sessions about his role in the Russia scandal and the breathlessness of some on the left is misguided in my mind…now, I’ll be the first to say that I was a little off about the Comey testimony..with it being much more explosive than I expected but he had an axe to grind that Sessions doesn’t…the only thing that Sessions is trying to do is cover his own ass and try to stay out of jail for his part in the obstruction so I really don’t expect him to say much even though the dem senators have some useful questions to ask…including why he lied to the senate during his confirmation hearings and didn’t disclose the third meeting he had with the Russian ambassador….I really want to know what they talked about…or get it confirmed that he was talking about lifting the sanctions that Obama put on them for interfering in the election….one other question that I want asked is why isn’t the idiot trump concerned with continued interference in our democracy by the Russians? He never talks about it or does anything about it…that kind of leaves the impression that he thinks it’s okay that the Russians hacked 39 state election systems last year and used the information to elect trump. I will be watching until ole Jeff makes me sick with his lies…might just wait for analysis later in the aft….impeach…

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