Pence lawyers up….

Well…I just read (with some glee, I must add) that the supposed “straight shooter” Mike Pence has just hired outside counsel to defend him in both the Russia collusion case and his part in the obstruction of justice that is engulfing the idiot trump and his cronies. Now, let’s think back to the campaign and all of the cheers of “lock her up” that came from Pence and the rest of the trump campaign saying that a Clinton administration would be the most corrupt in history…just like they always slurred Obama and his administration with. Look at the facts….not one of Obama’s people lawyered up in the first 5 months of his presidency…no one in his campaign was under investigation in the first 5 months of his presidency…and neither was Obama. So, who is the most corrupt? The idiot trump and his cronies win this one….and Pence now knows his tenure as VP is in danger…let’s get the perp walks started…impeach….

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