Mueller’s superteam….

Well….have been reading quite a bit about the “superteam” that Robert Mueller has been putting together to investigate the idiot trump and his cronies and their collusion with Russia….and the thing that came to mind is the team is still being assembled as Mueller learns more and more about what went on…and what is still going on in relation to the expanded money laundering probe. Why would he still be adding more experts if there was nothing there? And, with the admission over the past day or so the the idiot junior met with a Russian lawyer to try to get hacked e-mails to use to attack Clinton, it is looking more and more like there really is a there there. One other little tidbit that came to light today came from Keith and I think he’s doing a post on that later, and that is that the day after the trump junior meeting with the Russian lawyer, that the idiot junior said he got nothing from, the big idiot trump tweeted asking about the 33,000 e-mails that he couldn’t have possibly known about unless he was in contact with the Russians….so, the noose continues to tighten…I wonder when the deals will start being made…probably happening already…trump is going down and his rotten administration is going with him…impeach…

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