Some good stuff for a change….

Well….have been polluting this space for quite a while with all things trump so I think today, I will not do that….there are other topics to talk about and I think I’ll do that instead. It has been heartening to see the response to the neo-nazis who have been polluting cities across the country with their hate and racism…starting in Charlottesville and then in Boston over the weekend where 40,000 people turned up to counter the 100 or so Nazis that had hunkered down in a gazebo in a park there…they Nazis called it a “freedom of speech” rally but the only speech they care about is their hate speech that has no place in any society…these Nazi idiots had been emboldened by trump having supported them and had scheduled 37 more “rallies” across the country that have since been cancelled…since these supposed tough guys as scared shitless of good Americans calling them out and that there are finally consequences to their actions…public shaming, job loss, and sunlight are the best antidote to these haters and they have crawled back under the rocks where they came from….another big miscalculation these morons made is their belief that real Americans would buy into their hate since the echo chambers they listen to convinced them they would….turns out that they are still fringe assholes and companies across the world are shutting down their hate sites and starving them of the money that supports their racism…who’d have thought that so many people and companies would do the right thing and step on these cockroaches? Keep it up….

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