Is Tucker Carlson stupid?

Well….of all the stupid things I’ve heard right wing pundit Tucker Carlson say over the years, yesterday he was the winner of the stupid of the year award…after the idiot trump was looking at the eclipse without protective glasses and his staff was heard shouting at him to not do it, tucker goes on tv and says this of trump’s stupidity:  ”…in a move that was not a complete surprise, he looked directly at the sun without any glasses. Perhaps the most impressive thing that any president has ever done.” More impressive than rescuing the economy from the Bush depression? More impressive than FDR winning world war two? More impressive than Washington ensuring that the presidency would not become a monarchy? More impressive than Kennedy facing down the Russians in Cuba? More impressive than Lincoln winning the Civil War? This delusional little trump kisser has got to go since that one paragraph shows he is no longer grounded in reality..can we please never hear from Tucker again? Or any of the supposed “brains” of the right? Geez….

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