August 23rd

Well….running really early today with not sleeping at ll last night and just giving up on the entire process at about 5:15…ha, that’s a Who song….had these serial dreams that lasted about an hour each but was up for a half hour in between each one…that makes it about 3 hours of sleep last night but I don’t feel too badly right now…I know I’ll crash later and have to take a nap but I also need to watch Liverpool play in the UCl later today….that will take up some of the boredom this afternoon…had a nice lunch with T yesterday with lots of laughs and it was good to see her as always….it will be nice to have cash coming in next month but the next 4 weeks are going to be a complete shutdown since I’m broke until then…not much to do today…it is pretty cold out right now so I think I’ll wait a while to get on the bike today…and I should complete the bathroom cleaning…oh, the powerball is up to 700 million for tonight..I have my tickets and my fingers crossed….more later….

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