Poor little trump…

Well…not sure if you saw the deranged meltdown of the idiot trump in Phoenix last night…just more of the same of grievance after grievance…fake news, bad media, I’m great, you suck nonsense that is part and parcel of his “campaign” rallies….and if you looked at the fox news coverage, it looked like standing room only with a big crowd there…but, real photos of the crown size are surfacing on the internet showing that the hall was 50% filled at best and maybe not even that high….I wonder how donnie is feeling about that crowd size…that he can’t even fill a medium size hall…I’ll bet Obama could have filled it to overflowing and I’m sure that bugs the crap out of the idiot….and we all need to retweet the photos to the idiot in chief just to rub it in…it will be fun to see the meltdown…impeach….

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