Eric Cantor is evil….

Well…reading and watching the news this morning and I came upon a little tidbit of information that dropped my jaw about 2 feet…with the widespread destruction in the middle of this country caused by the tornados and flooding, there is a need to do for these people what only government can do…manage the financial burden by giving FEMA and other agencies money that will help alleviate the suffering….well, not alleviate it but mitigate it some. But, what do we hear from the most evil man in the US House? That before he will even consider a supplemental appropriations bill to fund the recovery efforts, Eric Cantor rolls politics into and delays what should have been done yesterday…he won’t allow any bill to be voted on until the amount they are appropriating is cut from other parts of the budget. Yeah, that sound you just heard is my brain locking up with this nonsense….and to make matters worse, the repub controlled Missouri legislature and the other Missouri repub members of congress and senate support this evil man’s ideas….if you ever had any doubt about what the repubs are, here it is for all to see….keep tax breaks for oil companies but when the people are in need, tell them to go to hell…geez….

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