Dead birds and tiny bunnies…

Well…I’m one behind for the month so I thought I’d do one on the weirdness out on the trail today…yep, cheating like crazy but this is my site so I get to do whatever I want..on the trail today, I saw something that I thought was kind of weird…there were 6 dead baby birds on the trail…I mean so young that they didn’t even have feathers yet…but the strangest thing is that they were not near any tree that held a nest they had fallen out of….like they were just dropped from the sky….then, there is the just born crop of tiny bunnies who have not developed any sense yet and were just shooting all over the trail…some of them were even just sitting in the middle of the trail watching me as I went by…’s probably good that they have so many of them, these were so stupid that their lives will be short….

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