May 31st

Well…it was a weird day yesterday…kind of…my oldest brother just stopped by out of the blue and we stood outside and gabbed for a couple of hours…didn’t think anything of it but when I came in I was so sunburned on my head and feet that I have been bathing in aloe…and my feet have swelled up so much that I can barely get them in my loosest pair of shoes…oh, well…my fault…waiting for the blisters to form it’s that bad….other than that, it was just a normal day…I did make some cash and went out for breakfast which is really weird for me, too…feeling a little worn out today but I hope the coffee helps…might even skip the bike ride today to heal up but probably not…it’s the only thing that keeps my guilt from being overwhelming and it normally makes me feel better…I do have to try to find the squeak again…aargh….

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