What’s with all the gun threats?

Well…I’m not sure why this is happening, but I think it may be the rise of the tea party idiots out there and their limited ability to think of anything but being bullies. I am startled to read of all of the gun threats by the tea partiers from the governor of Maine to this nut that is organizing the armed march on Washington DC….and I am really getting tired of these bullies using the protections of the 2nd amendment to get their way outside the normal processes that make democracies work. First, the governor of Maine was smacked down by the legislature there when he tried to run over the house processes and intrude on a legislative meeting that he was not invited to…the one thing he doesn’t understand is that being governor is not being king…you just don’t get to do whatever you want and the dems in legislature were all to happy to make him follow the rules. So, what does this tea party idiot do? He starts to scream that his first amendment rights are being violated since they won’t let him intrude into their meeting and bully everyone there and then says “it looks like we’ll have to go home, roll up our sleeves and get our guns”, threatening that if he doesn’t get his way he will start shooting people that don’t agree with him. Then we have the Russian tea party idiot that is organizing the armed march on DC who, when told by the DC chief of police that they will be arrested if they show up in DC armed, has a new idea…to get groups of armed people to head to all of the state legislatures and try to force them to disband the US…yep, you heard it this guy now wants to commit treason…what I think the feds should do is go find this idiot and lock him up before he really does shoot someone…it is a crime to threaten the safety of the US after all…and he has already committed a felony by proposing this nonsense…it’s just the same old thing…bullies that think they don’t need to follow the law or any rules…that’s the modern repub party in a nutshell…geez…

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