What does it take repubs?

Well….Have been thinking about the utter mess that the idiot trump and his cronies have made of this country and our standing in the world and the one question that comes to my mind is “what does it take, repubs?” What does it take to for you to cut this festering wound of a president out of the country? Is it collusion with a foreign power to rig the election? Is it breaking every frickin ethics rule that there is? Is it the constant lying? Is it withdrawing the US from it’s leadership position in the world? Is it hate? Is it racism? Is it nepotism? Is it stealing taxpayer’s money to golf every damn weekend? I guess there is nothing that the idiot trump can do to rouse the congressional repubs to do their damn job…and doesn’t that make them complicit in the lawbreaking? I hope this country survives until next year when I hope some semblance of sanity returns and we take the congress back…..as you can tell, I don’t have a lot of hope left that any repub will put the country first just once, just frickin once….impeach…

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