March 29th

Well…another one of those up 5 times nights last night but getting back to sleep after each one was easier than Monday night so that’s progress…but woke up for the last time at 5 and then out of bed at 5:23…but that’s okay since I want to get the first ride in before I do the grocery run today…it looks like I won’t get to 31 miles today since it’s going to be raining/snowing off and on all day with a high of 39 and that’s too cold for me…have been feeling cold for days now and part of that is only eating one meal a day and I am getting used to that….yesterday was about 600 calories and today looks to be the same…and the second no cocktail night in a row has me feeling pretty good even with the fitful sleep….going to hit three stores this morning…Menards for more flower/veggie seeds, then Aldis and Meijers…nothing that I need at DD so I can skip that today…getting another big ham that will keep me going for a week or so and I can make a lot of meals off it…I know ham is not good for me but I like it and it’s only 99 cents a pound….haven’t checked the seeds I have in paper towel up here but I’m going to do that here in a bit and then get one the bike….getting close to the first thousand miles on the bike this year and should hit that this weekend…almost made it before April 1st and that would have been something…not much to do today….just the grocery runs and the rides but I really should clean the back stairs…and I might….more later….

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