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Let’s compare…

Well….throughout this whole debacle of lawlessness that is the trump administration, and with the daily comparisons to Watergate, we really need to take a look at the two scandals to see which one is worse…got any idea? Over the course of the Watergate investigation/prosecutions, there were 40 Nixon administration personnel who were convicted of some sort of crime and went to jail, mostly for lying to the FBI or obstruction of justice. As of today, there have been twice that many people interviewed in the idiot trump’s crime administration…and Mueller isn’t done yet. While Nixon’s crimes were essentially domestic and dealt with political crimes…trump’s crimes are so much more than that…I mean working with a foreign government to steal an election and then trying to cover it up is both domestic and international crime…and that is not even touching on the money laundering, bribery, and spying for our enemies to try to undermine the US foreign policy. So, while the Watergate comparison is shorthand for a criminal conspiracy and is of some use here, trump and his cronies crimes are so much worse that to lessen them to the level of Watergate ignores the scope and scale of the idiot trump’s and the repubs lawlessness….this will turn out to be the biggest criminal conspiracy in the history of this country and has been coming since the repubs started thinking that the laws of this country don’t apply to them and they can do whatever they want…and I blame Obama for part of that, letting the torturers in the Bush administration get away with hundreds of felonies and breaking international law…after that, why wouldn’t they believe that the law doesn’t apply to them?  Impeach….

Starting to feel like Watergate….

Well….this is a real red letter day…I never do three of these on Friday but this thought just struck me and I thought I’d get it down before too many cocktails….With the steady drip, drip, drip of revelations  of criminal behavior by the idiot trump’s administration and those in the repub leadership that aided in his criminality, this whole episode is starting to feel a lot like how Watergate unfolded. I was old enough to have lived through that one…I was working at Imperial Motors in downtown GR as a parts driver at the time and I remember that every lunch hour, we would sit behind the parts counter and watch the hearings on a little portable tv that one of the guys brought in….and every day there was another little bombshell that filled in the picture of Nixon and his henchmen and how they tried to subvert justice….this same thing is happening now and I find myself glued to Twitter and Kos to see the latest in this sordid trump story….and the latest tonight, that Jared Kushner is the latest person of interest in the investigation…and that never ends well…so, it looks like the investigators are getting there…I would advise Jared to just stay in Europe…or maybe Kazakhstan…I don’t think they have an extradition treaty with the US….impeach….

Watergate, watergate, watergate….

Well…only thirty days in and the trump administration is breaking the law just as much as Nixon did…or even more…the latest revelation is that the wh chief of staff leaned on the FBI to have them say that there is nothing to the investigation into trumps ties to Russian intelligence…essentially trying to quash the investigation and use the FBI as another propaganda arm of the administration, just like Fox news. Now, I have no trust in the FBI and Comey, but at least this time they told the wh to kiss off and stop trying to meddle in an ongoing investigation….the thing here is that one of the articles of impeachment that was levied against Nixon was that he tried to get the FBI to drop the investigation of Watergate and that is obstruction of justice…see any parallels? Okay Jason Chaffetz…is THIS enough for you to get an investigation going? No…I didn’t think so you partisan hack….geez….

How is this different than Watergate?

Well…with the hack and spying that was done to the DNC by the Russians to try to throw the election to the idiot Trump, I have only one question: “how is this different than Watergate?” The Watergate burglars got caught breaking into and bugging the DNC to gather information for Nixon to use to against his “enemies”…and the Russians broke into and bugged the DNC..although electronically, to do essentially the same thing…to dump the e-mails to give Trump information to attack his “enemies”. Where is the difference? There isn’t any and the very idea that Trump can spout off about Islamic terrorism and the threats to the US while at the same time he colludes with Russia to hurt the US is treason pure and simple…and we can connect the dots to the influence that Putin would have with a  president Trump by looking at the only thing that Trump was interested in the repub platform…to soften the promise that we would protect the Ukraine in case of a Russian invasion…just what Putin wants. It is breathtaking to have a presidential candidate already doing the bidding of a foreign power…foreshadowing what Trump will be like if elected…the first wholly owned president of a foreign power….sad!