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Fusion GPS

Well…just read a great article over on Kos about the transcript of  the head of Fusion GPS’s testimony to the House committee investigating trump/Russia and it is an eye opener….contrary to the senate transcripts that showed that all the repubs there wanted was to try to smear Fusion and discredit Glenn Simpson, the head of the company, the house committee appeared to be really trying to get to the bottom of the scandal. What we have to remember through all of this is that the author of the Steel dossier was working independently as a contractor and the rest of Fusions research was done by Fusion’s employees….and that staff are experts in financial research. What fusion found was that the idiot trump has been supported by and conspiring with mob figures his entire life…starting with the Italian Mafia when he was younger, and when the FBI destroyed the NY mob he was conspiring with, trump moved on the Russian mob…or the Russian government, since they are one and the same thing…all run by Putin. A couple of points that stuck out to me and that I wrote some about earlier was how Fusion discovered that the Russians have been infiltrating conservative organizations across the country, with the NRA becoming one of the money funnels they used to help steal the election for trump, and that almost all of trump’s money comes from trusts set up by daddy…he never has been the “great businessman” that he brags about all the time. What I get from Simpson’s testimony, that comes from public records only, is that there is plenty of evidence to convict the entire trump crime family, and it is only a matter of time until they are all indicted…and that day can’t come too soon….impeach….


17,000 dead….

Well….I know the fact that people are losing their health insurance under the idiot trump and his minions is probably a little abstract if you didn’t lose your insurance….of the 3.4 million people who have already lost their insurance since trump and his minions took over, it is estimated the lack of care will result in 17,000 Americans dying just for ideological reasons….not for any good reason, either…just that the repubs just hate anyone but the rich getting anything in this country. Now, I know that most of you who come here are not trump supporters…or repub supporters for that matter, but to sit back and let this happen means that we are no better than the thugs that are running this country right now…we have a choice to make later in the year…the choice to get out and vote these assholes out and send them back to the “shitholes” they come from and start repairing our country with true progressive dems who care about everyone, not just the rich and powerful…we can do this if we just vote…remember, if we vote, we win…it’s on us….impeach…

These guys are just so damn dumb…

Well…today was the day that the idiot trump’s inner circle started to get interviewed by the house committee that is “investigating” trump/Russia…we all know what the purpose of that “investigation” is…to protect trump at all costs, whether it is the destruction of the FBI or our democracy….but, even though this committee is run by trump toadies, Mueller is in the background continuing to get to the truth. That makes the actions of the WH today just so damn dumb when they told Steve Bannon to not answer any questions about his time in the WH….has anyone explained the definition of obstruction of justice to the idiots there? It is clear this instruction to Bannon is to impede the investigation and this action is written into the obstruction statute as being illegal…can anyone in the WH even read? This obstruction won’t matter anyway…Mueller has already subpoenaed Bannon to testify in front of a grand jury so whatever he says today can put him at risk of perjury if he lies like all of this administrations does….Mueller’s coming for you trumpy bear….impeach….

The evangelicals leader….

Well…if you thought evangelicals supporting the child molester
Roy Moore was bad, they have topped that with continuing to support the idiot trump after the revelation that he paid a porn star over a hundred thousand dollars to keep quiet about an affair idiot boy had with her just one month before the election…and my question here is: “where is it in the bible that supports and accepts affairs with porn stars?”  They use the bible as a weapon all the time, cherry picking verses to support their racism, misogyny, and hatred so I think the question every reporter should ask when one of these supposed holy people opens their mouth is “how can you support a person who cheated on his wife with a porn star?”  I’ve had enough of these people just as I have had way too much of the idiot…their lack of morality is ruining our country…impeach….

Is this enough, repubs?

Well…is anyone surprised that the idiot trump is a racist asshole? Now, they shouldn’t be after his comments yesterday in a meeting in the WH where he called African countries, Haiti, and Honduras “shitholes” and wondered why the US accepts immigration from any of those places….yep, the fake president sitting in our white house said that…I wonder what the reason could be? Could it be that the citizens of those countries are not white? Of course it is….and the idiot boy tried to lie his way out of it last night by saying he never said it…and his spokespeople justified it by saying it would play well with his “base”…you know, the racist assholes that elected him. But, Senator Durbin, who was in the meeting, confirmed this morning that “shithole” was exactly what the racist in chief said…now, my question is: “Is this enough, repubs?” Where is the limit of how much you will allow this cancer on this country to continue? Probably until we take back the house in November because the rest of the repubs who didn’t condemn this racist bullshit are racists themselves….and are perfectly fine with letting the country go to hell as long as they get their tax cuts…..keep your heads up folks, it’s only 11 months until this piece of crap is gone…impeach….

Call it what it is…treason….

Well….after a little digging into the transcript of the testimony of the leader of fusion GPS that was posted yesterday by Senator Feinstein, it is clear we need to label the repubs behavior for what it is….treason. When you look at the differences between the dems questioning and the repub questioning, you can see that the repubs don’t care to get to the bottom of Russian meddling in our election, they only care about protecting the idiot trump and their power while the patriotic dems want to know what happened and how we can protect our country from this kind of intrusion in the future. This kind of meddling, included using social media to plant fake stories is still going on and was recognized to be happening in the Alabama senate election and in the Virginia governor’s election…but what do the repubs want to do about it? Nothing, since the Russians are still helping them win elections across this country…and the treasonous trump and his minions ignore the problem that other countries have mobilized their intelligence community against….while his buddy Putin destabilizes the world. It is time not just for dems but for every citizen who cares about this country to step up and call this repub conspiracy what it is…treason…impeach….

Feinstein smacks the traitors….

Well….finally, someone on our side willing to take on the conspiracy to subvert our country…or treason, to put it more succinctly. Yesterday, Senator Dianne Feinstein released the transcript of the testimony of the head of Fusion GPS on his company’s role in the compiling of the Steele dossier….and now we all can see why Chuck Grassley and Lindsey Graham were so eager to keep the testimony secret…even going so far as trying to get the justice department to charge Christopher Steele with lying to the FBI to further protect trump and the rest of the repub party from the truth that they conspired with the Russians to steal the election…but the rot goes much deeper and will be exposed when Mueller files his report…I think there will be so much fallout from this ( if there is still a functioning legal system) that the repubs will cease to exist as a party. One bombshell that came out of the report was that Chris Steele stopped talking to the FBI when he determined that they were working to protect trump, not the country and the repubs in congress knew this but their thirst for power put themselves first and not the country….with this transcript release, it is clear that the repubs are traitors and are covering for the criminal trump….Watergate was just a pebble compared to this scandal….I will do more on this later today…need some more coffee first…impeach….

The gorilla channel….

Well….you know how I think that trump really is an idiot, and at times I take it a little too seriously…but this little revelation made me laugh out loud about how huge of an idiot he is….I think you will laugh along with me. The first night the idiot squatted in the WH, he bitched to his aides that his tv in his bedroom was broken because it didn’t have “the gorilla channel” on it…..the moron actually thought that there was a channel somewhere that only showed gorillas….so his staff put together a loop of documentaries of gorillas to beam into his bedroom….but, that wasn’t enough…trump didn’t like the programming since it didn’t show enough of the gorillas hitting each other…so then the staff edited them to only show gorillas hitting each other and he watches it sometimes for 17 hours a day…now, I’m not sure how much of this is true, but Comcast put out a tweet yesterday for people to stop calling to get the channel added to their cable packages….I find this funny anyway…..impeach

A very stable genius…

Well…this one may be a little too easy but I have to do it…this morning the idiot in chief went off on another twitter rant that lasted quite a while, and in it, idiot boy ended his comments on the reports that he is,indeed, an idiot….by calling himself a “very stable genius”…after I stopped laughing hysterically, the first thing that came to mind was the old “Roadrunner” cartoons done by Warner Brothers that had the coyote hold up a business card that said: “Wile E. Coyote…Super Genius”…and I could imaging the idiot trump having the same kind of card made up to hand out….and I’ll end this with another line from another Warner Brothers character, Bugs Bunny…”what a maroon”…impeach…

It’s unanimous…

Well….just a short one on the shitstorm that came out of the WH and the idiot trump yesterday….it seems the idiot was offended when a writer who was allowed to wander around the WH for months and interview everyone has a new book coming out…and in that book it’s unanimous….everyone thinks trump is one of the stupidest people they have ever met.Terms like “moron”, “F*****g moron”, “breathtakingly stupid and ignorant”, and “functionally illiterate” were just a few of the terms they used that the writer is reporting when his book comes out next week. Now, I just can’t wait for the additional fallout from the thin skinned idiot reading more of it…and, get this…they just tried to sue the author to keep the book from being published….and that has shot the thing to the top of the Amazon pre-order list….it has just got to kill trump that he is the most hated person on the planet and that there is enough evidence to put him in jail for the rest of his life…just resign and run already….impeach….