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It’s been revealed….

Well…with the idiot trump shooting his big mouth off to the Russians the other day and revealing the most top secret information that he didn’t have the right to share as per a secrecy agreement with the source, it has now been revealed that the source of the intel was Israel…and in one fell swoop the idiot has damaged our most important source of terrorist information from the middle east. The Israelis are incensed, and rightly so, they had to scramble to get their assets out of their undercover roles before they were killed….now, listen to that again….intelligence assets had their covers blown and put in mortal danger just so the idiot trump could brag to the Russians that he gets “the best intel”…and now the network that secured the information is gone…just from the sheer utter stupidity of the idiot they call *president. What is it going to take repubs? Giving Putin an office in the White House? Grow some damn spines and get rid of this menace before no other country will even talk to us anymore…impeach….

This is their excuse?

Well….not sure if you saw this one yet but, do you remember last week when the idiot trump had the Russian ambassador and foreign minister were invited to the White House (against the recommendations of the entire IC)? That was bad enough, but guess what the idiot did while they were there….he revealed extremely classified information to the Russians on our information gathering against ISIS while he was bragging that he had “the best intel”…yep, stroking his ego with no awareness of what he was doing…and the excuse the repubs are using to explain it? That, as *president, trump can do what he wants with classified information…even if it exposes our intelligence gathering partners and puts people in danger…what this really does is tear down any trust that remained with US since the buffoon took office…do you think anyone is going to share anything with us after this idiocy? Impeach….

Just can’t get started…

Well….just can’t get started the past few days and I’m not sure why….my brain just seems to be clouded lately and I don’t really have any outrage left to give….there was one thing that left me shaking my head about the idiot trump….it has been leaked that his aides have been feeding the idiot fake news that the idiot then wants them to turn into policy….but he forgets it once the paper is taken away from him…just like playing peek a boo with a baby…that is probably a good metaphor for this idiot’s entire *presidency….like playing peek a boo with a baby…but a baby that can launch 59 cruise missiles with his flailing, tiny little hands…..I sure hope you’re scared by now….impeach…

What do they have to do?

Well…no sure if you saw it today, but trump’s asst. press secretary went on national tv and admitted that they fired Comey to end the trump/Russia investigation…yep, they admitted obstruction of justice, again, on national tv and what was the repubs reaction? Yawn…and crickets….so what do they have to do to be held responsible? Shoot someone on 5th avenue as trump bragged during the campaign? I am not surprised that the repubs are doing this since they have shown they have no ethics at all….but, the media has to get on this and start pressuring the justice department to enforce the damn laws……impeach….

Maybe I’m right….

Well….if you’ve been here over the past few months, you have seen that almost every time that I talk about trump, I preface it with idiot….and now, with a new poll that is out from the folks at Quinnipiac, I may be right in doing it. No, I’m right no matter what any poll shows…he is an idiot…but the poll did a word association of “what comes to mind when you think of trump?” And guess what the first answer was…that 39% of the people responded…yep, he is an idiot followed closely by liar, and incompetent…so, I guess I’m not wrong when I consistently call the idiot trump an idiot…lots of people think that….impeach…

Are we a nation of men or of laws?

Well….just listened to Keith and his latest tweetcast and there were a few pertinent points that he made that I want to comment on….I lived through the original “Saturday night massacre” when Nixon’s solicitor general fired Archibald Cox…the special prosecutor who was investigating Nixon and Watergate. A few days after the firing, Cox came out with a statement that included this question: “Are we a nation of men or of laws?” That’s a question that is still pertinent now…are we a nation of men or of laws? Is the president above the law or does he have to adhere to them as the rest of us do? In Watergate, the answer was yes, he does have to adhere to the law just like the rest of us…and I ask the repubs in congress now…does the president have to adhere to the law as the rest of us do? The answer from McConnell yesterday was that trump is above the law, that he will not be held accountable for his crimes…even the latest count of obstruction of justice by firing the person that was investigating him…and I agree with Keith…”you don’t fire the person investigating you…” it’s only happened once before…..and we all know how that turned out…impeach….

The real reason Comey was fired…

Well….forget all of the bullshit and lies that are coming from trump and his cronies about why they fired James Comey yesterday….there is only one reason, and it’s not how he handled the Clinton e-mails…a few days before he was fired, Comey went to the justice department to ask for more money and personnel to expand the trump/Russia investigation…after the preliminary work found a massive connections that he needed more money and investigators to unravel. Once sessions heard about it, he ran to trump in a panic and convinced him to do something…and that something was obstruction of justice by firing Comey. With this little tattletale move by sessions, it is clear that it was a lie that he recused himself ..from the Russian investigation, but, everyone knows that there are only liars in this administration and this is just the latest lie from the creepy Keebler elf. Sessions needs to resign right now…and the repubs in the house and senate need to start doing their damn jobs and holding trump accountable….impeach….

Trump fires Comey….

Well…did anyone else see this coming? As the noose closes around trump and his cronies, trump flails around like the wounded elephant that he is and fires the FBI director….the reaction to this obstruction of justice has been varied on the web from “we’re all screwed” to “this just shows how desperate trump is”…..I’m not sure how I feel about this just yet but I still have a little faith in our institutions and think there are enough ethical folks out there working on these investigations that won’t let this deter them from doing their jobs…like the NY AG who is working on trump money laundering and many other crimes that his gang have committed. And the grand jury in VA that has already issued RICO warrants that are yet to be served…and that is where Comey was for his last day of work….talking to that grand jury and I’m sure that is one of the reasons they fired him today…but, trump is so damn stupid and doesn’t understand how government works that he thinks that firing the director will stop all of the investigations…what does he expect all of the FBI agents to do? Just sit at their desks and play on Facebook until a new director is named? Not gonna happen…the stink of desperation is all over this….impeach…

This is pretty funny….

Well…with the French elections being held today and the idiot trump’s candidate getting crushed, I had to laugh a little…not just at that but that the first phone call that the winner Macron made was not to the US *president as has been the custom until trump, but to the leader of the free world, Angela Merkel…showing the contempt that the rest of the world has for trump. And, all Trump did was tweet his congratulations…no phone call, no nothing from the sore loser baby *president. There was one more little tidbit that I read about today…..that Macron and Merkel are going to meet with trump on the 25th of May, and they are going to discuss all of the classified information before they meet trump….since they don’t trust him or his cronies…and they feel that any classified info would end up in Russia just as fast as they talked about it…this is where trump has gotten us…from the leaders of the free world who had the respect of the world under Obama to the joke of the world….having the *president of this country treated like the idiot that he is…that sure is some winning there…impeach….

The question was asked….

Well…with the interviews the idiot trump has done over the past few days and his totally deranged demeanor in them…the question was asked of John McCain yesterday if it was time to start talking about invoking the 25th amendment and removing trump from office since he is so obviously unfit to be president. Now, of course McCain changed the subject and didn’t give an answer, but the fact that the question is being asked shows where we are in regard to the mental illness that is trump. This is not a personality quirk or anything so benign as that, but trump has full blown delusional behavior that is indicative of something much more serious that can’t be allowed to continue….this idiot needs to be removed…now….impeach….