Guns and protection of rights

Well…I don’t understand the sudden interest in personal rights by the gun toting folks at the rally that was held in Virginia earlier in the week. Where the heck were these guys when the Bushies were trampling on all of the Constitution, not just the Second amendment? Where were they when Habeas Corpus was being denied to even American Citizens? Where were they when the Fourth amendment was being gutted by the unlimited wiretaps without warrants that they foisted on the American people under the guise of fighting terrorism? Where were they when these lawbreakers were torturing in the name of the American people? I truly believe in the Second amendment but these guys should understand that the possibility of the government “coming for them” is much reduced in an administration that believes in the rule of law rather than the rule of Bush. Geez….

Trying to figure it out

Well…this is the first post in the section that I plan to share some of the thoughts I have about life, friends, and the other things that are a part of living; but I am still trying to figure out how much to share; I think musing will be fair game along with some of the weird stuff that I see while I navigate through life. After all, I have seen a lot of it and, as my friends and family know, I’ve always been skewed 45 degrees off the rest of the people in the world. I’d like send my thanks out to T who helped me become proud of that fact….

Happy 4/20!

Let’s go Red Wings

Just a short one to say I’m kind of concerned about our Red Wings….down 2-1 in the best of 7 and I don’t see the passion that they need to win. and, it’s not that I’m not a Jimmy Howard fan and we may not be in the playoffs without him, but you’ve got a guy in Osgood that has won two cups and always seems to raise his game when the pressure is on. Just a thought….but the rest of the guys need to play better..can’t wait until the game starts at 6:30….

What is with these guys?

Well…another day another and another time where the Repubs have gone schizo…I hope you can remember that when they were in charge of both houses of congress and had ole GW in the White House, they voted (along with the Dems) to bail out the large banks to the tune of 800 billion dollars. The cause of this has widely be attributed to the almost religious fervor that the repubs normally have for deregulation in any and all parts of the economy. Don’t they learn? Over the past few days, they are back to their old tricks in stating they will filibuster any Obama plan to put reasonable regulation back on the market to try to prevent the gaming caused meltdown of the economy. Where is the outrage except mine? Why do the tea partyers support these guys when they have thoroughly screwed them over the years? Geez….

work in progress

Well….have finally worked up some outrage over something I see happening in our society. but I need a couple of hours or so to crystallize it in my mind…it has to do with the responsibilities we have being members of our society, one of those is that we need to find ways to work together, that arguments are not either-or but are a way to come to consensus…but the right are like a bunch of petulant children. If they don’t get everything they want and things done the way they want…they just try to invoke revolution, take their ball and go home to mommy. Geez…more later….

Another Sunday Funday

I am getting pretty excited about today’s Wings game, it will the first time the group has gotten together for this first-round playoff series and it just isn’t the same watching them at home and keeping up with comments by texts. Note to the NHL…move us out of the Western Conference so the games don’t start at 10 or later. And it’s much harder to bet on who get’s the goals over the phone, plus, it’s hard to see the bet pile get bigger and bigger. I hope the OT is open today (that’s the bar we go to..shortened from Our Tavern) since I am making guacamole for snacks and I think they like to have us idiots there. Well…need to get the guac going so it will be cold before the game starts so that’s it.

Go Wings!!

I don’t understand

Well…one of the things that I am having a hard time understanding is why anyone keeps listening to people, (commentators, politicians, etc.), who have been proven to be wrong so many times. Back when I was growing up, people took pride in identifying the idiots and then not paying any attention to them. These days, it appears that it is a requirement for political life to try to be as unreasonable as possible. In what other era would an empty vessel like Sarah Palin be able to make 12 million dollars in less than a year with a resume like hers? And to top that, people also take her political views seriously when they are shallow and simplistic at best…I think we see this because simplicity has become a virtue and nuance the enemy of success in the political arena.

I think we need a new era of reasonableness in daily life and politics in the country…not the threats of forming militias (like in Oklahoma) to “protect” themselves from the federal government. Last time, that didn’t work out too well for the south…geez….

Wings Win!

That was an odd game last night, But the Wings won so that is good but to give up 4 goals to the Coyotes is not acceptable; at least the way I see it. But, as I said Friday, I probably wouldn’t remember much of it and I was right. Have to stop going out to the bar before the games but it was fun hanging out with G. Can’t wait for Sunday’s game and I think I will take it a little easier; will probably even remember some of it. Oh, and Hank got a hat-trick so I won a dollar!

One last thing…no more coffee shop…my DSL is fixed….yay!

Friday and the DSL is down again

Well….it’s Friday morning and I find myself out at Kava house (a local coffee shop) writing this since the dsl at my place is down again. I think it’s down more than it’s up and it is getting to be a pain. Was going to go out golfing today but now I have to stay home to wait for the repairs to happen, unless it miraculously fixed itself while I was grocery shopping. I know…this one is kind of mundane but I am having problems working up any outrage about anything today. The Wings do play tonight but it is a 10 pm game so the result will be the same as last time I expect…I may make it to the first but probably won’t remember anything about it. Oh, well….

What you never want to be….