Wings Win!

That was an odd game last night, But the Wings won so that is good but to give up 4 goals to the Coyotes is not acceptable; at least the way I see it. But, as I said Friday, I probably wouldn’t remember much of it and I was right. Have to stop going out to the bar before the games but it was fun hanging out with G. Can’t wait for Sunday’s game and I think I will take it a little easier; will probably even remember some of it. Oh, and Hank got a hat-trick so I won a dollar!

One last thing…no more coffee shop…my DSL is fixed….yay!

Friday and the DSL is down again

Well….it’s Friday morning and I find myself out at Kava house (a local coffee shop) writing this since the dsl at my place is down again. I think it’s down more than it’s up and it is getting to be a pain. Was going to go out golfing today but now I have to stay home to wait for the repairs to happen, unless it miraculously fixed itself while I was grocery shopping. I know…this one is kind of mundane but I am having problems working up any outrage about anything today. The Wings do play tonight but it is a 10 pm game so the result will be the same as last time I expect…I may make it to the first but probably won’t remember anything about it. Oh, well….

Bad day for me and the Wings

Well…feel kind of lousy today for a couple of reasons; one being the fact that the Red Wings lost their first playoff game to the Coyotes and the other that the day was way too much fun. Had to look for the score on the computer this morning since I couldn’t remember the game too much. I do remember that I won the night shooting pool…yay…but I had lost the previous three weeks so I guess maybe I was due. Yeah, I know…getting too old for that crap…but I saved my liver for my whole life so it is time to use some of it, right?

They’re kidding, right?

well…Fox news has done it again, at the nuclear summit, where Obama got 47 heads of state to come together to try to reduce and control nuclear material, and got some agreement on those issues; Fox News centers on the logo for the summit positing the “question” that it looks like the half-moon that is on many Islamic nation’s flags. A short phone call to the White House would have revealed that the logo is based on the hydrogen atom….geez…do they have to hate him so much? I hesitate to even write “Fox News” since they really don’t do news. Yeah, I know…there are many other news outlets that do some of the same things, doesn’t anyone other than me miss the days when you could trust the news to be the news and not commentary disguised as news?

Playoffs for the Red Wings

Well…an interesting week that ended with the Wings getting to 5th in the west…Phoenix should be tough but we should win it in 5 or 6….hmmmm with the preponderance of superstitions that the players have, I probably shouldn’t have made that prediction. Oh, well…have to start the playoff beard Wednesday but it is going to be hard to watch with the first two not starting until 10 pm. But Sunday’s is on NBC at three in the aft so there will be beer involved; and probably some Black Velvet. I just hope we are up 2-0 by then.

I’ve been sick…

It’s been a few days since the last somewhat lucid post, have been sicker than a dog….no not the brown bottle flu..and my brain has stopped working so maybe more tomorrow or Monday….come on back…oh, and I was wrong about Tom Coburn…he’s back to the old tricks..holding up unemployment benefits again under the guise of deficit fighting. Where was he when they took the U.S. from surpluses to deficits with tax cuts for the rich and fighting two wars that he never wanted to pay for but supported. Geez….

Thank you Tom Coburn

In a (to me) shocking truth telling, Senator Tom Coburn has told a town hall meeting with his constituents that Fox people should look farther than Fox News to get the truth in the political arena. It is a welcome development that one of the Republicans has stopped trying to demonize the Democratic side and has instead focused on the policy difference between the two parties going so far as to say that Nancy Pelosi is a “nice person”. Maybe this is the start of a break from politics as usual; could Washington be starting to put the country first instead of political ambitions and point scoring that play to the bases? Hope so…..

texting, driving, and the police

There’s been an interesting development here in Michigan in regard to texting while driving. There are bills in the legislature that, with the urging of many police departments, would make texting while driving a primary offense; meaning that the police could pull over any motorist if they suspect they are texting. Does anyone else see the potential for abuse here? It’s the same old dodge they have been using for years, similar to “you have a burnt out taillight” or a similar car has been used in a crime, that has led many overzealous officials down the path of gutting the 4th amendments protections against illegal search. Fortunately, at least at this early date, there will still be a requirement to get a warrant to actually look at the device in question. But a police chief quoted in today’s “Detroit News” has said that his officers will be instructed to ask to look at every phone and I fear that most people will not know that it is their right to refuse. Now, don’t get me wrong, being a police officer is many times a thankless, dangerous job, and I support them when they follow the rules like you and I have to, and I agree distracted driving is a problem that needs to be solved. But to give the police the power to pull over any motorist that they suspect may be texting (how about all Fords that have Sync installed) is too large of an intrusion given that the number of accidents in most of the country are declining. Just my opinion…

Wings are in!

Just a short one before I work out and get a bike ride in….thank you Blackhawks for beating the Flames. We’re in the playoffs for the 19th straight year! Thank you Wings and let’s get going for the playoff run. Osgood looked rusty but I still think he should get some games in before the playoffs.

What you never want to be….