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Bill Hardiman and the club for growth..

Well…when I was working out this morning, a political ad came on criticizing Bill Hardiman (a repub candidate for U.S. congress) for his support of raising some taxes to make sure Michigan could balance their budget as they are required to do by law. Now the people behind this smear is the Club For Growth; the same guys that gave us the Bush tax cuts and have never met a tax that they like…their motto being “starve the beast” since they do not believe that the federal government should have any power to regulate anything. Mr. Hardiman was being an adult when he looked at the hard realities in Michigan and went against the voodoo economics that are pushed by the repubs these days that tax and spending cuts will magically heal the economy. If you look at the economic analysis of the Bush years with the huge tax cut versus the Clinton years where taxes were actually raised to help end the budget deficit…growth was higher in the Clinton years as the deficits were lower…but you expect that from a fact-based administration; not the wishful thinking and repeating lies that pass for truth on the right. Keep at it Bill…you did a nice job as Mayor of Kentwood…I still can’t vote for you but you need to continue to hold out against the know-nothings of the party. Geez….

Manny Lopez is an idiot…still….

Well….have to go off on this idiot Manny Lopez from the Detroit News again….he’s back with more of the crap that he has been spouting that if we criticize the repubs for opposing the extension of unemployment benefits it’s just Democratic politics…there is no substance to it. He continues to make light of Keynesian economics and pushes the voodoo economics that growth can come only through tax cuts and cutting spending. I understand he wants to repeat the Repub talking points but to ridicule J.M. Keynes; one of the greatest minds in economics, to make silly political points would be the same as if I would go to Miguel Cabrera and tell him that he is hitting all wrong. Manny, reading and talking about economics is not the same as being an economist…and, while I support your right to spout off and be wrong, I am going to call you and your repub cronies on your hatred for the middle class. You rail on about paying for the 30 billion for unemployment benefits, where the hell were you when the top 1% of the country was getting a TRILLION dollars in tax cuts. Let me get this straight, you have a problem with 2.5 million middle class getting unemployment benefits so they can eat, but you just love the idea of 3 million of the wealthy getting 30 times more? Why didn’t you call for these tax cuts, or the war in Iraq, or the subsidies for big business be paid for? It’s just another instance of cloaking your hatred for the middle class; the working class, in pretend values….geez….

A new low for these hypocrites….

Well…I’m sure by now, you’ve heard the new repub spin on the failure to pass extensions of the unemployment insurance that has expired for millions of Americans…that it is the Democrats fault since the repubs will vote for it if they cut the money from somewhere else in the budget…which, on it’s face, doesn’t seem like a bad idea. But, the question I have to ask is, “why didn’t they have to cut other spending to finance the Iraq war?” Why didn’t they have to cut spending to pay for the trillion dollars of the Bush tax cuts? It is the sorriest sense of hypocrisy that deficits are so important to them now when they had no problem giving oil companies billions in subsidies when they were making record profits but they can’t allow any increase in the deficit to help American families continue to eat. And the Obama haters go on and on and on with their lies and distortions….I hope these idiots get laid off and then there will be no money to help them….

It’s the Boehner and King show….

Well…I hope you looked at the news yesterday to hear the latest from the repubs…I would laugh if I didn’t think there are people out there that are listening to this crap. First, there was Boehner, holding a new conference to propose that we have a moratorium on any new federal regulations to give companies some “breathing room” to make huge profits and take chances that ruin our environment and economy. The only thing I could think of when I saw the news conference was that he was just checking off a box that his owners told him to so he could get the next payment from the financial industry and BP. How can he stand there with a straight face and say that not regulating the oil industry, financial industry, and insurance industry is in the best interests of regular Americans? This is what you get if you elect repubs this fall….

Then, there is Peter King, I think a house member from Pennsylvania, whe was on a talk show the other day and he revealed that the repub strategy for the fall elections is to not tell anyone what their plans or platform is going to be….and he even admitted they would get destroyed in the media if they said they are going back to tax cuts, tax cuts, tax cuts, and giving the country back to big business.

Doesn’t any of this trouble you? It should since they are advocating returning to the policies that got us into this big hole we are in…geez…..

a little hope and then this… saw yesterday that there was a little hope that the repubs would start to do the right thing when it comes to the ordinary American….that they would start to put the middle class first instead of the richest 2 percent of the country….well…nevermind. The latest outrage comes form Kyl and his ilk; the unapologetic idiots that are so far against fairness in the economy that they are holding up benefits for the long-term unemployed to make sure they can continue the Bush tax cuts for the rich. Now, their logic for this move is that any new spending must be offset by spending cuts elsewhere in the economy so to not add to the deficit; 12 billion dollars to benefit people that are in danger of losing their entire life….but they are willing to extend the Bush tax cuts (almost a trillion dollars added to the deficit) because their logic says that tax cuts don’t have to be paid for in any way…they are different after all.

And the latest polls suggest that people are just going stupid…the majority trust the Dems to handle the economy but the majority are also going to vote for the repubs who have “spread the wealth” upward….have reached into yours and my wallet and handed it to people to help them buy their caviar and get the fourth house on the lake. Aren’t you tired of this yet? It’s starting to get to the point where this is not my country anymore….I’m happy that I’m getting a year older tomorrow and won’t have to see these heartless shills steal what is left of what was a great country much longer…geez…

Never thought I’d thank a Republican…..

Well…it’s kind of a strange state of affairs when I would even consider thanking a republican for anything except for being an easy target for these posts…but, today, I find myself amazed and confused by the actions of Scott Brown and Olympia Snowe; both Republican senators from the northeast who have gone against their party to support the overhaul of the financial system. As expected, the tea party idiots are apoplectic and vow to defeat both of them in the next election.

So, the tea partiers want there to be a system rigged in favor of the guys that caused the meltdown that has taken their jobs? All in the name of “states rights” since they feel the federal government doesn’t have the authority to regulate any part of the economy. So, for what they see as principle, they are ready to let the financial thieves steal more and more of the country?

Thank you Scott Brown and Olympia Snowe for doing what is right instead of what is right for your careers….

Is Frank Beckmann an idiot or just a cynical Repub shill?

Well….yay…it’s outrage day again here in the world of the sane. Reading the Detroit News this morning, I ran across a piece of tripe from the columnist Frank Beckmann, whose premise is that the Obama administration is crazy since they have chosen to enforce the federal right to control immigration policy by challenging the Arizona law on immigration. His posit is that since the federal government is not living up to what the people of Arizona want on immigration enforcement, it is their right to make their own laws regarding it. What’s next Frank, if they don’t like some trade laws or the Chinese manipulation of their currency, are you proposing that Arizona send a delegation to talk to the Chinese or make laws that would better fit the thoughts of the residents? Or, if they decide we should get out of Afghanistan, then they can bring home any Arizona Reserve or National Guard unit that they see fit?

Frank also goes on to say that since the Obama administration has decided to not enforce federal marijuana laws in states that have approved medical marijuana, their stand on the Arizona immigration law is invalid…no, Frank, it’s not inconsistent or invalid, it’s the feds recognizing that this is a medical issue that affects individuals in those states, not a federal policy one and has the compassion to see the difference. They federal government has always had to the right to chose where to apply resources in the application of the law.

He concludes that Obama’s administration is bowing to political pressure and is not prosecuting people that should be under current laws…all I have to say is: Where were you , Frank, when the Bushies were illegally wiretapping the entire country and torturing in the name of America; breaking too many laws and treaties to count….cheerleading as usual. So now, I guess your column means you would support prosecution of Bush, Cheney, and all of their cronies? No. I didn’t think so…..Geez…..

I’m not surprised…

Well…as promised, I have to comment on the op-ed by Nolan Finley in the Detroit News today, in which he asserts that Obama is directing a “War on Business” since he wants to revise how corporations are taxed and regulated, and how trade is conducted. And the only evidence this guy presents is a “report” that was cooked up by some group called the Business Roundtable as a response to the imagined slight they felt when they met with Obama and he didn’t roll over and give them everything they wanted a la the Bushies. He then goes on to cite 5 areas that the righties and their business cronies are so concerned about: taxes (go figure), financial regulation, trade, energy, and healthcare. I think I’ll respond in that same format; paraphrasing his words and then giving my response.

Taxes. His take..we should cut corporate taxes so they will invest more here since we have a higher corporate tax rate than other countries. Mine…you have got to be kidding me….we may have a tax rate that is higher but look at the actual taxes paid and you see a different story since the repubs built in so many loopholes that only a company with a really stupid accounting firm pays their full tax bill. Disingenious Nolan.

Financial Regulation. His take…we re-regulate the financial industry since it will cost companies 5-6 billion dollars and maybe 120K jobs. Mine…ha, ha, ha, ha….again, and you have got to be kidding me! Not regulate the guys that cost the economy 8 million jobs and trillions of dollars? Just because it may cost them some money and we may lose some financial industry parasites? Take a look at Canada and what has happened there since they were NOT taken in by the calls for deregulation of their financial industry….much less losses in both jobs and money. Read a little about your neighbors across the river, Nolan.

Trade. His…we need more agreements like Nafta or we will lose jobs to our competitors. Mine….I can’t even laugh about this anymore. Nafta started the wholesale loss of jobs in this country and now he wants more of the same? Just so his business buddies can ship more jobs to low wage countries like China who then use currency and tariff manipulation to ensure we can’t sell to them?

Energy and environment. His take…limits on carbon emissions that are proposed will send business elsewhere. Mine…these are proposed regulations that are in the talking stages but the same thing was said when the first smog regulations were put into place for cars and when the first CAFE standards for fuel mileage were imposed. That worked out pretty well…for both business and regular people.

Health care. His take (or I should say business’s take) is that the new regs will cause uncertainty and change. Mine…I sure hope so..try being a 56 year old who needs to buy health insurance…you can’t unless you want to pay 1,200 to 2,000 dollars a month.

He then finishes with the Republican talking point that we need to do something about the deficit; well, where the hell were you, Nolan, when your repub buddies were taking the surplus Bush was given and then starting two wars you didn’t pay for using accounting tricks and then rewarding the rich for being rich with those massive tax cuts that did nothing for the economy? If you are so concerned about deficits, then you will support letting the Bush tax cuts expire. Do you even realize that what your are proposing (cutting spending during a recession/depression) was tried in the 30′s? Didn’t work then.

You seem to think that we all need to do what rep Joe Barton did last week: apologize to business and ask “pretty please” will you let us help you make obscene profits while telling the American middle class to go to hell. Geez….

Okay, I’m on a roll…let’s move on to Rick Barber…

Well..I hope you’ve seen the latest campaign ad by Rick Barber who is running for the House from Alabama, where he uses the image of Abraham Lincoln to drive home his point that paying your fair share of taxes is equivalent to slavery. Really, Rick? Let’s start with the fact that many people in Alabama still hate Lincoln and the north for the Civil War so, let’s trot out the president that raised the first income tax to pay for the war? And propagate the lie that he would agree with you?

I have my doubts that we have a sustainable gene pool if this is the best that Alabama has to offer; and that anyone who can think would vote for this moron…please Alabama, prove me wrong…Geez…

More Boehner…..

Well…in the last post, I neglected to mention another wonderful statement that came out of Boehner’s mouth today….another jaw-dropper that is breathtaking in its obtuseness…he stated that reforming the financial regulations that the Dems have been working on, regulations (or lack of them) that allowed the worst meltdown and recession in 8o years is like “killing an ant with a nuclear weapon”.
Oh, really, John? How did all that de-regulatin’ work out for the country? How many people are out of work because of you and your ilk whose only allegiance is to the corporations that buy your votes to stack the deck against ordinary folks?

Are you stupid or do you just not care what you say? Oh, that’s right, the repubs don’t care what they say because most of it is lies or comes form the little voices in their heads….

I’ve been working very hard to not be angry all the time about everything, and my friends can see I’ve had some success; but when I see this stuff from any public figure who is cynically using his position for the personal gain of his business friends…I can’t stay silent…I hope you can’t either…geez…